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African Sea Turtle Newsletter #5 now available 13 May 2016

The African Sea Turtle Newsletter # 5 is now published and can be downloaded from the Ocean Ecology Network website: http://oceanecology.org/african-sea-turtle-newsletter/

The Table of Contents is included below. We welcome your feedback and contributions!
Many thanks to all the contributors and Regional Editors of this issue! 
Best wishes,


1) Breaking news: A loggerhead Female Turtle from the Important Rookery of Cabo verde Recaptured in Gabon…..Berta Renom, Angela Formia, Albert Taxonera, et al.

2) Community Involvement in the Monitoring of Marine Turtles in Guinea Bissau…..Castro Barbosa & Aissa Regalla

3) Development Encroaches on the Southern Beaches of Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea…..Shaya Honarvar, Elizabeth M. Sinclair & Jose Manuel Esara Echube

4) Teaming Up With A Local Mobile Phone Service Provider In Order To Spread Sea Turtle Conservation Messages…...Sara Vieira, Victor Jiménez, Joana Hancock, Hipólito Lima, Bastien Loloum & Litoney Oliveira

 5) Participative Approach To Discuss Novel Law Implementation Strategies In São Tomé And Príncipe….Sara Vieira, Victor Jiménez, Ana Besugo, Sara Costa, Fernando Miranda, Joana Hancock,Bastien Loloum & Litoney Oliveira

 6) Lamu Archipelago, Kenya: A Pristine Sea Turtle Haven…Mike Olendo

 7) Surveys of Nesting Beaches in Lindi Region, Tanzania, Reveal Threats to Nesting and Foraging Green Turtle, Chelonia Mydas,  Populations…Lindsey West, Temu Pastory & Boniventure Mchomvu

 8) The Tradition Of Take: Sea Turtle Consumption In Dovela, Mozambique…...Jess Williams, Simon Pierce, Mariana M.P.B. Fuentes & Mark Hamann

 9) Marine Turtle Strandings At Ponta Do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve, Southern Mozambique…...Cristina M. M. Louro, Paulo M. B. Gonçalves, Marcos A. M. Pereira & Raquel S. Fernandes

10) Minutes Of The Africa Regional Meeting, 36th Annual Symposium On Sea Turtle Biology And Conservation, Lima, Peru (1 March 2016)…...Shaya Honarvar

 11) About En Haut!... Marion Broquère

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