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Dr. Jack Frazier elected as IOSEA Advisory Committee Chair Oman, 14 Mar 2006

On the occasion of the Fourth Meeting of the Signatory States (Muscat, Oman, March 2006), the Advisory Committee was reconstituted with a membership of six experts under the new chairmanship of Dr. Jack Frazier (pictured here, sporting a hat, flanked by colleagues Nyawira Muthiga, Colin Limpus, and Bundit Chokesanguan; photo c/o George Hughes).  The Signatory States expressed their warm appreciation for the pro bono services of the Advisory Committee members, acting in their personal capacity.

The Committee’s terms of reference were amended slightly to clarify the nomination procedure for members, and to welcome official observers from each of the sub-regions, decided by the member States, as follows: Philippines (for South-East Asia+); Sri Lanka (for Northern Indian Ocean); Islamic Republic of Iran (for Northwestern Indian Ocean); and Comoros (for Western Indian Ocean).

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